Marketing advice: How to choose a good digital marketing agency

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Choosing a good digital marketing agency has never been an easy task, You for sure need a piece of good marketing advice.
Digital Marketing agencies and web design companies in California are growing bigger and faster with the blink of an eye every day! And with so many digital marketing companies to choose from, deciding the right agency, which could provide the best ROI for your business, is quite daunting!
Hence, the One-Call team has put together Six tips on how you can choose the best digital marketing agency in California, to help your firm increase your brand presence in terms of reach, visibility, lead conversion, and growth.

Six tips to choose the best digital marketing agency in California, USA.

Six important aspects to keep in mind before you choose the right digital marketing agency:

  1. Market Research
  2. Active online presence
  3. Create end goals to be achieved
  4. Digital Marketing Experience
  5. Company’s website
  6. Online reputation


# 1: Market Research

You need to know your market size and the targeted audience before you outsource your marketing to an upscale business for you. Digital marketing is an industry that should never follow the motto ‘one-size-fits-all’. So if any agency seems to be proposing you a plan used in the past for other businesses, or a plan without learning about the targeted audience, or a plan made without doing a proper competitor analysis in the targeted area,  you might have to re-think your choice of Digital Marketers.

# 2: Active online presence

Our marketing advice to you would be that if a digital marketing agency that does not have a strong online presence for itself, Is unlikely to achieve it for other businesses too. If you are about to hire an online marketing agency, take a look at their current online presence such as recent posts on social media and their interaction with customers on the reviews and in Q&A.
Their online presence for sure will be a clear indication of how well they’ll carry out digital marketing for other businesses.

#3: Create end goals to be achieved

When you choose a digital marketing agency, you need to sit down and have a long discussion about your primary and secondary goals. As they say, An effort without a vision is an effort in vain, Therefore brand management shall take place throughout your digital marketing agreement. Hence, from blog/article writing to Instagram captions, from google reviews to a full-featured youtube video, you want everything to line up with your business’ primary and secondary goals.

#4: Throughout Digital Marketing Experience

A bit of important marketing advice for deciding whether the agency is suited to your brand or not is to check their experience in the particular industry or business niche, and not the number of years worked. Like neurologists say: “To know the nerve is to know the cure”.
To give an example, if yours is a home remodeling company, it would be beneficial for a digital marketing agency if it has some experience in that particular industry or business niche.

#5: Company’s website

The best way to check out if an agency is good for your business/brand is to have a look at the company’s website. A company’s website shall have all the details you may wish to know about, Company’s history, Various services they provide, Their achievements in the industry including their past and current works. A good website will also have a lot of interacting and informative content regarding the services they offer and the processes they follow. Make sure the agency has a fast loading and mobile-optimized website, by that you see the craftsmen presenting its skill.

#6: Online reputation

By checking the company’s reviews online, One can come up with a firm assumption whether if the company is true to its word or not. We’d suggest, check the negative reviews first and then read all from low to high. It might be an unpleasant thing to discuss, But they’re some companies that sell reviews online. With that said, many agencies buy positive reviews in order to maintain a good rating despite the poor quality. Therefore checking the negative reviews would give you a clear picture of the agency. Also, sometimes the competitors seeing the agency growing with their positive reviews get insecure and post negative reviews to degrade one’s reputation. Read the whole review, see how the company responded, and what was the outcome of it. In some cases, you can check the profile of the reviewer and see if it’s a local competitor or not by checking its previous reviews on the internet.

We hope our marketing advice comes in handy when you’re searching for a suitable digital marketing agency in California USA.

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