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Digital marketing has become an essential tool for modern-day marketing, since the inception of affordable smartphones, and relatively cheaper internet connections, digital marketing has taken the world by storm, basic parameter of marketing strategy is connecting with a prospective customer at the right time and right place, as in today’s world, many of the customers tend to buy and shop things online, digital marketing of a particular product or service is a perfect online marketing campaign for any organization to reap the benefits.

Tailored Digital Marketing Solutions that Elevate Your Business Online.

At One-Call, We understand the nuances of digital marketing to give your website the best possible content and campaign strategy that will directly increase the sales acumen and product potential. Our varied and influential services of digital marketing make us one of the best web marketing agencies in Orange County, California. Our dedicated and highly trained professionals ensure that your website gets enough traffic that will generate a good amount of money, and also increases the value of your website’s sales.

What’s Unique In One-Call’s Digital Marketing Approach?

Digital marketing is a concept that incorporates all marketing efforts using electronic devices and the internet. Many other agencies leverage all sources of digital marketing at a time without properly calculating the ROI and monthly projections and then somehow end up with a huge amount of money the client has to pay. Unlike them, we first use the cheapest methods/concepts/variations/ to ensure the maximum ROI and grow slowly and gradually without affecting the client’s cash flow, such that our clients make good use of their money and move towards slow and steady business success.
Digital marketing is a powerful tool in today’s technologically savvy world, to survive the strenuous and cut-throat competition, it’s almost necessary to have a well planned digital marketing strategy to make your presence felt in the virtual world of online business, and we at One-Call totally understand it. The digital marketing concept is further divided into many categories. Here are a few important concepts to look out for:-

Website Strategy

One-Call is the best web design company in California, We understand that a website strategy is a business strategy on a long-term basis, it’s a plan that motivates the prospects of the company’s premier websites via developing to make its online presence more relevant. This strategy has gained immense popularity in the digital marketing arena as it boosts the acumen of the website, and thus, making it on par with competitive websites with a similar business genre. We help you to create a perfect web strategy that increases the acumen of the website which indirectly affects the overall growth of sales and services of a particular website.


SEO is normally referred to as Search engine optimization, its optimizing your website content and design to enhance organic traffic flow, and unpaid visitors thronging your website directly, once the website is professionally optimized the search engines will start to rank it in the top slots, imagine a well-optimized website of yours ranking top in search engine query putting behind millions of similar websites. One call web design is the right destination for your website SEO optimization, we perfectly design and use appropriate keywords and content for your website to enhance organic traffic, which eventually increases your website’s credibility, sales, and potentially.


SEM which is known as Search engine marketing is a concept of digital marketing in which businesses pay to the search engine for making their ad appear on the search engine query or SERP’s. These ads appear along with results on the search engine query. Often these ads are pay per click, or simply shopping ads, one call web design is well versed with this concept, we thoroughly understand your SEM needs, we constantly thrive to give a perfect SEM campaign that will help you in increasing product sales and services.


Social media marketing is a concept which gained immense popularity since the inception of social media apps in recent times, it’s a very strong medium for promoting products and services via interactive content, it helps in getting easy connection with the customers base which directly improves the sales graph over the time, it’s also helpful in placing ads of new products and services. In recent times social media apps have flourished massively, and they are extremely popular among the people. We at One call web design creates impeccable social media content and eyeball grabbing advertising designs on SMM to get the desired positive results in relatively less time. Our experts will help you to create a strong and robust SMM campaign that will initiate the desirable growth of products and services.

Marketing Strategy

Integrated online marketing strategies is nothing but creating unified and comprehensive marketing strategies on a single platform or website, this concept is created to make an uninterrupted and seamless website experience for potential customers. This integration of various marketing strategies is tailor-made to make the website an interesting and user-friendly interface for convenience to prospective customers. One call web design has capable expertise to help the website get integrated with all strategies to cater to customer’s convenience, we can the offer best guidance to the website for the integration of marketing strategies for better customer experience.


Pay per click advertising is a form of advertising in which the advertisers pay a nominal fee each time a deliberately placed ad is clicked mainly in search engines queries with relevant keywords. This form of advertisement is gaining huge popularity among websites due to its instant feasibility aspect, the advertisers place an ad relying on the keywords, once the customer clicks the ad, it could end up buying the product or service offered by the advertiser. This type of paid advertisement is often flexible and affordable, many a time these ad placements don’t cost a bomb to the advertisers, and most importantly a one needs to pay only when the ad is clicked.

Social Media Management

Social media management in simple terms refers to managing and interacting with the customer base with unique and engaging content on different platforms like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, etc. this form of management has become a vital marketing tool for most of the prominent brands and companies across the globe. Many prospective customers prefer to interact on social media platforms, they compare the product’s variability to choose the best out of the lot. One call web design thoroughly manages the social media management to generate interest among the customers which eventually helps in getting sales lead, and subsequently close the sales.

Email Marketing

Email outreach programs are simply not the traditional way of dispatching bulk emails to unknown people this outreach program is to send uniquely crafted emails to the influencers of your niche, these mails are sent coldly to the influencers, so that, they might review your website or products. This is probably the most effective way of virtual marketing where the influencers, who could be interested in the products or services offered. However, this outreach program is not to send unsolicited emails to every possible person, instead of sending emails to the influencers who can understand your services.

Onsite And Offsite Marketing

Onsite and offsite marketing is also referred to as on-Page and off-Page SEO marketing, both the aspects hold an equal amount of importance, while onsite marketing is creating and adjust search engine friendly content which will lead to improved SERP’S ranking. A perfectly done onsite SEO will ensure improved ranking in search engines by understanding the content in a better way. Offsite SEO marketing is to promote the website on the web, it can be done by providing links to your website directly from other websites of the same niche. Offsite marketing can also handle appropriately by managing social media marketing feed professionally.


Retargeting efforts is a concept of digital marketing in which a paid advertisement is directly sent to a potential buyer who had earlier visited your site or has entered keywords on search engine query relevant to your product or service, this kind of marketing is done to re-target a prospective buyer who has shown interest in the similar product or service of your niche. Since the competition in online business has become fierce, it’s difficult for buyers to remember your website, hence sending paid advertisements to these buyers will at least generate sales lead. We at One call web design knows professionally how to re-target a potential buyer.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate and Associate programs are simply those programs where a well-established merchant website offers a link to other websites to place their product description, in turn, the former ask a nominal charge if the affiliate website closes a sale, a certain amount as decided will be paid to the website. This type of affiliated marketing is a huge success in recent times. Most of the prominent websites nowadays offer affiliated marketing for relatively smaller websites to promote and place their product details. This marketing strategy has worked well for a few websites to grow their businesses, and create their brand value.

Content Optimization

Content generation and optimization is a concept of arranging and optimizing the generated content on a web page, its basically a thing in which the content of a web page is optimized perfectly, so that it gives an attractive and interesting look to the visitors, and also ranks better on SERP’S simultaneously. The optimizer will try to fix the loopholes of your website by optimizing certain technical aspects, for instance like the speed of the page, fixing bugs that shuts your website for no good reason, it also optimizes the content of the website so that the search engine rank it better. Sometimes an optimizer may re-optimize your website content to fetch even better results.

Brand Collateral

Custom collateral design and brand elements are also an integral part of a marketing campaign, this particular marketing tactic sounds a bit traditional, but in the long run, it proves to be highly beneficial for the marketing of any brand. It’s actually a marketing brainchild in which promotional material is used to reach out to the customers, these promotional materials benefit the brand on a long-term basis. The most common promotional materials used by the brands for marketing purposes are different types of merchandise, Diaries, Visiting cards, corporate gifts, corporate brochures, stationery items, etc. Many prominent digital marketing firms are recommending to encompass this collateral brand tactic in a digital marketing campaign.

Link Building

Quality link building is a marketing strategy acquired by the search engine optimizer that encompasses links from different websites at their website for better collaboration of websites for better SERP’S results. These websites are often of the same niche, they work in tandem to get benefits together simultaneously. Search engine algorithms are complicated and complex, the ranking of the websites is based on backlinks that the website holds, websites having interconnected hyperlinks will help them to rank better every time as links encompassed on the website will crawl and get connected to search engine query quite easily.

Local Marketing

Local specific online marketing is another highly successful digital marketing tactic applied by the optimizer, this strategy helps the small and medium-sized businesses to rank in the top slot in a specific location or local online search query. This strategy is highly effective to randomly pick the potential buyers from the local listings. Most of the local brands limited to a specific location put a lot of stress on local online search, they emphasize to tap the potential buyers in local locations. For instance, a query on a search engine is searching for the best boutique in an area of Orange County in California, the buyer will end up seeing local businesses listings instead of the entire country results.

One-Call is well versed in these concepts to give a professional touch to your website by managing both onsite and offsite marketing.


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