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At One-Call we design and develop innovative, creative, and technologically advanced online solutions that guarantee the growth and success of your company’s digital presence. We focus on achieving what matters most to you: building your impressive online brand and user experience and achieving measurable results.
Here are the seven steps behind our web development success:

  1. Analysis
  2. Specification Building
  3. Design and Development
  4. Content Writing
  5. Coding
  6. Testing
  7. Web Application Security
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1. Analysis:

Analyzing the client’s requirements is our first step. Once we discuss your requirement, our team will start the preliminary analysis. The website remains a crucial part of the present generation business. To make it right, we need to analyze how the website or the web-based application will balance the present system and how the new site will improve the business. The main agenda of our Analysis is to understand how the website is going to match the existing business techniques.
The main aim of any business is to find the targeted audience and consider the present hardware, software, people, and data during the analysis phase. For instance, In case a company named ABC limited is looking for a website to gather details of its human resources online, so the analysis team will utilize the employees’ data available in the existing system. The team will follow guidelines to avoid too much time consumption. The analysis will be done in such a way that the team should be able to come up with a cost analysis and strategic plan of action. To achieve a realistic work plan for the project, the analyst will consider seeking help from the graphic designers, web developers, web designers, and testers.

Discussion with the client, authorized documents and mails by the client, sample sites, sample web applications, Online chats, recorded telephonic conversations, etc.,

1. Strategic work plan
2. Cost of the project
3. Team requirement
4. Hardware & Software requirement
5. Required documentation analysis
6. Required approvals

2. Specification Building:

After the analysis, we draw attention to specification building. The initial specifications will be noted covering every element of the client’s requirement. If the project is about building the website, then we need complete information like layout, site map, and site navigation, static & dynamic parts, font, style, colors, and all other specifications. Some projects may also require further details to assess additional business and technical requirements. Once you review and approve the preliminary documentation of specifications, we will prepare a written proposal mentioning the roles & responsibilities, timelines, and pricing.

Documentation from the Analysis team

  1. Detailed requirement specifications to the individuals & customer’s representative.
  2. Proposal including timeline, responsibilities & price

3. Design and development:

As we finish the specification building, we seek the signed proposal, deposit money, and any written content materials, graphics that you may what on the website/Application. On receipt of the mentioned aspects, we will schedule the work. We at One Call Web Design and digital services design the layouts and navigations as a prototype.

While some customers may be interested in choosing the sample designs with all images and navigations, others may look for a fully functional prototype. In such cases, we may need to show them the interactivity of the application or website. Some clients may come with a lot of suggestions, changes, and requests; however, all the changes should be frozen before going into the next phase of development. If needed, customer comments, feedback, and approvals can be seen via mail or telephone.

For quality assurance, the team will develop test plans and procedures throughout the project designing phase. We will attain the client’s approval on the design, development, and work timely. Simultaneously, our database team will figure out the requirements and develop the database with all the data structures and prepare sample data.


Requirement specification

  1. Start designing the site/app
  2. Finalize Templates, Images, navigation & prototype

4. Content writing:

We believe content is the King in the present era. The content talks a lot about your business. With the right content on your website, you can build your business better. So this phase is very crucial for any business website. We at One Call Web Design and digital services have professional content developers who can write SEO-oriented relevant content. This phase will include proofreading that will include grammatical checks and spell checks.

Designed template

  1. Content development

5. Coding:

Coding is a major part of developing the website. In this phase, the programmers will add the code without causing any disturbance to the design. The developer will come to a full understanding of the design and navigation to avoid a disturbing look and feel of the website or application.

If we are developing a dynamic website, then the code will utilize the template. In that case, the developer may need to interact with the designer to have a better idea about the design. The designer will develop graphic buttons to help the developer. The developers use CVS to control their sources and the coding team will generate all the required testing plans and technical documentation. The coding team will work on preparing the end-user documentation which a technical writer can use to write manuals later.


The site with forms & requirement specifications

  1. Database driven functions with the site.
  2. Testing plans and technical coding documentation.
  3. End-user documentation for manuals

6. Testing:

This is the final yet important phase in the website/ application development. As the applications need to always function as a multi-user system with bandwidth limitations, the web-based applications need intensive testing. Some of the testings will include integration testing, load testing, scalability testing, stress testing, resolution testing, and cross-browser compatibility testing. One Call Web Design and digital services will perform both automated testing and manual testing. We also test loading graphics and calculate their loading time as it plays a crucial role in website performance. 

7. Web application security:

Web application security is mandatory for any website or web-based application. To maintain proper security, we will incorporate application vulnerability testing into each phase of the application- right from the quality assurance to the deployment. As we commit to meet all the functional and performance standards of business, we will incorporate web application security and application vulnerability to do performance testing. Unlike other companies, we do this test to ensure security at every phase of the application’s lifecycle. Once we finish this testing, we perform live testing. Once we live the website, we do complete testing like link testing.


The site, requirement specifications, required documents, technical specifications, and documents.

  1. Complete website/application
  2. Manual testing and Automated testing of reports, logos, links.
  3. Interaction of designers, developers, and testing team

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